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Grow your business. Retain your customers.

With 82,000 auto specialists in France and versatile customers looking for the best price and trust, the auto specialist must establish a relationship of trust between the vehicle, the owner and his establishment.


Disinfect your vehicles in 5 minutes independently

The On Board Cleaner by CodeNekt system developed for ambulances has 4 advantages:

  • Time saved

  • 100% of surfaces affected.

  • Less risk for your team.

  • 100% guaranteed at no additional cost.


Manage your vehicle fleet with CodeNekt

100% secure connection. 100% real-time geolocation.

Our nomadic box integrates tracking, geofencing, power alert, accelerometer thresholds, etc. Plugged into the CodeNekt interface, you can view the exact position and the movement history from your software interface.

And of course, all the features of the general public mobile application such as maintenance monitoring, deadline alerts are present in the interface. A complete tool!

CodeNekt, trusted partner in data processing:


End-to-end authenticated, the stored data is fully encrypted. Tamper-proof data, managed on a blockchain.


Instant data processing by API for immediate consideration. Accurate information, useful to whom it may concern by deliberate choice of the user.

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