CodeNekt for Fleet

🚀 The fleet management tool that empowers employees and saves you time.

We suggest that you delegate part of the management of the vehicle
to your collaborator and to motivate him for it!

CodeNekt for Fleet is:

for the administrator

➡️ an application in SaaS mode
quick and easy to set up

✅ Employee management
✅ Vehicle management
✅ Claims management
✅ Employee incentives
✅ Performance and cost of the car fleet
✅ Vehicle maintenance tracking

for the employee

➡️ a mobile app
who rewards him for his involvement

✅ Vehicle sheet
✅ Deadline notification
✅ Maintenance reminder
✅ Geolocated affiliated garages
✅ Incentive program
✅ Valid for personal vehicle

CodeNekt for Fleet, the fleet management tool
that empowers employees and saves you time.


Less stressed!

Employees manage the maintenance of their vehicle independently.

  • Creation of the vehicle sheet by the employee
  • Reminder of maintenance and administrative deadlines
  • Geolocation of garages validated by the company for interventions
  • Upload invoices


Less information to enter!​

Service reports are transmitted automatically and live in the SaaS solution.

  • Connection of the mobile app with the SaaS solution in real time
  • User data is integrated into the management module
  • Notifications of reminders in case the employee forgets


You incentivize your teams AND IT COST YOU NOTHING

The more the user uses the app,
the more points he earns

Each point is transformed into advantages with our partners.

  • The employee collects points each time the app is used
  • Your team can also manage their personal vehicle(s) and earn more points
  • Better adhesion to a consumer application
  • You can select the partnerships and benefits that best match your DNA


You gain in performance

You can report at a glance!

The dashboard is simple and straight to the point.
Select the main indicators on the home page!

  • Total fleet cost, average cost, number of active and inactive vehicles,
    visible on the home page
  • Notifications of upcoming and overdue deadlines
  • Overview of current claims
  • Average cost, maintenance cost, claims cost are accessible from the dashboard



Tamper-proof & indelible​

By using the blockchain to store the data of your employees and your vehicles, we transform them into NFT

  • An uploaded document or validated information cannot be deleted
  • No more risk of falsification of vehicle data
  • GDPR: The user chooses the information he wants to share




from 7 € HT / vehicule / month
  • Employee management
  • Vehicle management
  • Disaster management
  • Employee Incentive
  • Collaborator app
  • Secured on the blockchain
  • Face-to-face or remote training
  • OPTION: Data recovery according to your existing application

If we can help Nathan with the interview
of his car,
then we can accompany Béatrice who is in charge of a fleet of 30 vehicles
within his SME!

The whole life of my car on my smartphone All the information related to my car is in my phone. No more paperwork, thank you!

Great app! I had been looking for a long time for a way to archive all my maintenance invoices, it’s really practical. Can’t wait to see the evolution!

Great app to do it all.
Finally an app that reminds me when to do my technical check. Tired of taking plums. Plus super easy to use.

Very handy app.
All my documents related to my car are on this app!!