We improve the confidence of road users
by securing the vehicle history

CodeNekt is the first application for individuals and businesses that facilitates vehicle maintenance and interactions between automotive services.

CodeNekt 📲 App

The Doctolib’app of the automobile according to Forbes

✅ I need help with the maintenance of my car

✅ I want to make my car last

✅ I want to avoid scams when buying a used car

✅ I want to secure my car’s maintenance history

The Saas application
for car fleets manager

Simple. Fast. Thought for VSEs-SMEs

✅ I want to save time

✅ I want employees to be more involved with their car

✅ I want to secure the maintenance history of my car fleet

Behind the CodeNekt app,
Web3 innovation associated with NFTs

We create a unique NFT of each vehicle. This NFT is powered by the CodeNekt app. This NFT secures the data and therefore the history of the vehicle.