Features of your fleet management tool

A dashboard easy to understand

At a glance, you view the number of active vehicles, the cost of the car fleet, maintenance and administrative follow-ups coming due.

The CodeNekt for Fleet solution goes straight to the point!
The needs of a VSE-SME are not the same as a group managing thousands of vehicles. Are you a Manager, HRD, and Fleet Manager at the same time?

➡️ More readable
➡️ More friendly
✅ Get started in minutes
✅ You gain in efficiency!

Vehicle data are informed by your employee

Your employee fills in the vehicle tracking data: maintenance, administrative deadlines via an application on his smartphone.

The CodeNekt for Fleet solution empowers the employee and saves you time.
When the employee schedules a maintenance appointment, this data is immediately uploaded to your interface.

➡️ Less paperwork
➡️ Fewer emails to deal with
➡️ Less data to fill in
✅ You save time!

Disaster management in tandem with the collaborator

Only 5 steps to create a claim.
It is then the employee who uploads quotes, invoices and reports to their smartphone app.

The CodeNekt for Fleet solution simplifies claims management as much as possible.

➡️ You manage the administration: declaration, report
➡️ The driver manages the necessary repairs

Consult the maintenance history of each vehicle

All technical interventions, controls, claims are centralized in a single tab that allows you to see the health of each vehicle.

The CodeNekt for Fleet solution centralizes all vehicle data. You thus check the good health of your vehicle fleet. If your co-worker hasn’t performed the maintenance or MOT, you’ll receive reminder notifications. You can also view invoices, reports and quotes that have been uploaded by your team.

➡️ A well-attended interview
✅ Well maintained vehicles!

For employees

The CodeNekt application to control the maintenance of your vehicle.

➡️ Favorite providers
➡️ Appointment reminder
➡️ Earn bonus points

An app that he can also use for his personal vehicle(s)

In short, we put the collaborator at the heart of our solution

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