About the startup CodeNekt, founded by
Francis Hachem

Have you ever wondered when you have to pass the technical control of your car? Or when to do the revision? And this without having to turn over the 3rd drawer of your desk to find the Car folder? We almost all go through this!

@Francis Hachem the founder of the startup CodeNekt has been there. Like many others, he once wondered when? And even from Where: “Where did I put this maintenance invoice”? His thing is #frenchtech. Entrepreneur for 20 years in digital development, he decides to deal with this problem. Thanks to his technical experience, he sees the solution via a mobile app.

The CodeNekt app's mission is to simplify the driver's life by bringing together all of the vehicle's information in a single application and by notifying him of its upcoming technical and legal deadlines. The app is intended to be your personal assistant for your vehicle.