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Is there a charge for the application?

👉🏻 The application is a free download.

The service is fully funded by our partners. Thanks to them, you will soon get a reward for your loyalty with cash back bonuses.

🚀 Stay connected to know the date of the update.

How can I collect points?

You collect points when:

✅ you enter your profile and your vehicle
✅ you go to one of our partners
✅ you share the app with your friends using your sponsor code
✅ you make full use of the functionality of the app.

In short, we do everything to ensure that you collect points as soon as you open the app.

🎁 Our vision is to support you in the maintenance of your vehicle with tips and bonuses!

When can I use my points?

👌🏻First, you can use your points at our partner merchants. 
➡️ By clicking on your points, at the top left of the application, you have a button: use my points.

🚗 In a few weeks, the points will also be converted into discounts with our partners: automotive centers, garages, etc. You can use your points at any time with your preferred provider or with a new provider in the form of cash back.

I have a motorbike 🏍, does that work too?

You can manage several vehicles in the application: car, motorcycle, van, scooter, in short, almost anything that drives and requires regular maintenance.

I have a company car, can I use the app?


You can manage several vehicles in the app, and of course your company vehicle, like your spouse’s, or even your teenager’s scooter.

Can the application and its services be used only in France?

We have ambitions to expand across the world. Still a little patience !

Do I have to manually fill in the information in CodeNekt?

Two cases can arise:

➡️ you fill in a past event: you have to fill in the information manually, you can also take a photo of your invoice to keep it in your cloud.

➡️ you have made an appointment with one of our partners, thanks to its interface, the invoice appears directly in your dashboard, you do not need to fill it out.

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