Are you an insurance company, an automotive professional, a public administration?

Working with CodeNekt means:

Build customer loyalty

We reward users who are loyal to their favorite brands. The more loyal they are, the more points they will receive. 
Our goal is not to bring you new leads, but to allow you to retain your own customers.

Simplify the administrative procedures for your users

All documents, invoices, proof documents are found in a single application. 
You will avoid your customers having to use multiple applications, the mix between paper and electronic documents, the need to search for this or that part. 

This will allow them to have their vehicle history at their fingertips.

Automate your processes

By connecting to CodeNekt, you allow your users automatic actions such as making appointments, synchronizing information. 
A simple notification and the whole process takes place, up to the finalization of the intervention on site.
Automatiser 2

CodeNekt is a trusted third party for data processing:


End-to-end authenticated, the stored data is fully encrypted.


Accurate information, to whom it may concern by deliberate choice of the user.


Non-falsifiable data, managed on a blockchain.


Instant data processing by API for immediate consideration.

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