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Liberté post-confinement

Needless to say, lockdown has deprived us all of our freedom to move…

It’s therefore not very surprising to read the figures announced by the various study centers on post-lockdown behavior in terms of car use.

After having surveyed a panel of people in France, Virtuo reports fairly interesting figures

  • 87% of French people plan to favor the car for their first post-lockdown journeys. These first trips will concern visits to families that we haven’t seen for weeks. Some also plan to escape to favor the sea, the mountains and finally breathe.
  • More importantly, 56% of French people plan to favor the car for the commute between home and office.

These figures are supplemented by those observed in China, a country a little ahead of Europe as for the health crisis, then the end of the crisis.

Ipsos reports in its study on China ( :

  • 72% of Chinese people living in the most affected regions and who don’t own a car express their wish to buy one.
  • 66% of them want to do it within six months.
  • For 77% of future buyers, acquiring a vehicle would allow them not to be contaminated in public transport
  • 25% want a car so as not to be restricted in their movements.

No wonder indeed. Besides the return to freedom, moreover, very well expressed with the symbolism of the car, it’s a question of preserving oneself from potential sources of contamination to come.

These habits are likely to continue for months, perhaps years. However, all pollution control policies tend to reduce vehicle use. Urban developments are moving in this direction: fewer traffic lanes, more public transport, increased fight against the use of cars.

There might be a hiccup on the roads! Not to mention the increasing cost of maintaining our vehicles and their energy-consuming aspect …

And what about CodeNekt?

At CodeNekt, we are developing features that will support vehicle drivers in the use of their vehicle in general. Post-lockdown, this will make even more sense because we will allow to:

  • Limit costs
  • Increase potential savings
  • Encourage “controlled” car sharing
  • Gain security

We’ll be revealing all the features in detail very soon.

Soon on the stores, we invite you to pre-register now to be informed in advance of the release date of our application and benefit from bonus points 😉

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